Friday, April 6, 2007

Dukes' Big Week in New York

It was a moving sight on Monday when Elijah Dukes, rounding first, pumped his fist as his home run cleared the center field wall. One can imagine his sense of triumph. Amy Nelson wrote this piece a few days back; she was prescient, as Dukes yesterday became the first player in team history to homer in the first two games of his career. Dukes seems to have reemerged as a formidable talent.

Last year, while buzz continued to swirl around Young and Upton, the fans and media seemed to quietly give up on Dukes, writing him off as a talented tragedy. The talent, without a trace of tragedy, was on display during this frigid set of games at Yankee Stadium.

Just a question about the roster, long-term: if Dukes is for real, should the Rays move Baldelli for pitching? Other than Crawford, whose is still improving, Rocco seems to me the one for whom the team could obtain the most value.

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